About Me

Hi, my name is Jacob and I build affordable websites, everything done for you. I also write for people.

As a racer myself, I work best with motorsports and automotive related businesses, but I’ve excelled in other fields, too.

Be patient as I redo a bit of my own website. In the meantime, you can send me an email: jacob AT digitalcuda DOT com. We can find out if we are a good fit.

People I've worked With

Luke Bogacki, ThisIsBracketRacing
Ongoing – Complete membership website design, parts shop, image editing, copywriting, management, webinar creation and automation

John Kyle, APD
In progress – Complete website with information and parts sales

Travis Ringguth, T&T Motorsports
In progress – Complete website for parts, racing, and race promotions

Dr Patel DDS, Main Street Dental
In progress – Complete website and social media set up

James Svetec, Author of Airbnb for Dummies and instructor
Ongoing – Weekly email copywriting

Dar Farzad, Southern Tier Balloon Tours
Complete website with information and online event appointment scheduling

Matt L, Hot air balloon pilot
Complete website and automation